Online Shopping is Evurl.

I need to stop shopping. I have bought countless of dresses and tops this month and the damn i-banking device has been utilised almost everyday.

I blame myself for i placed my email in those pretty eshop’s mailing list and i can’t help but click when they send me updates.

I need to hide (or bury) the damn i-banking device. ARGH.

Brrr. Won’t an online shop just endorse me and I can have all the pretty dresses i want? zzz.

SHOPPING IS EVURL. STOP ME!!!! going broke. argh.

7 thoughts on “Online Shopping is Evurl.”

  1. ahahaha i see you’ve been bitten by the online shopping bug too! haha. yes! ibanking is EVIL!

    ive been there 😛
    you need to go cold turkey. hee.
    save money!

    PS: thanks for dropping by to tag!


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