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happy (belated) birthday to kok!

2 weeks ago, we threw a mini celebration for kok at pitstop followed by o bar..

it was a rather simple affair at pitstop cafe, played many games followed by a slice of cake and his birthday present. turns out that there were many birthdays celebrated at pitstop there that day… it was yau khai’s first time there.. and i think he enjoyed himself. woooot! one more kaki for pitstop outings 😉

the king and his subjects…

anyway belated happy birthday to eveeeeeeeeeeee and mumuuuuuuu! 😉

we headed to o bar after that… and in true nadnut saboh spirit, the birthday boy had to drink a flaming… (reminds you of wala wala eh? :P)

BUT since kok has been bullying me ALL THE TIME, he had to drink TWO waterfalls! MUAHAHAHAA. and after that, lydia’s friend bought him more flamings… the poor kid got drunk almost immediately.

i am so not inviting him to my birthday party (if i have one), i dont wanna kena saboh. LOL! but after that, he sobered up after a while. till today he blames me. 😛

it has been a long time since we had a group photo. 😉 i feel so retro-ey that day. lol. till the next booze session! 😉 well, at least till kok comes back after his 1 month training at brunei.. 🙂