today went to school for bsc meeting… i overslept… meeting supposed to start @ 10am, i rushed a cab down and reached at 10.20am… i saw onlie 3 ppl in de room… then ppl start strolling in at 11am, 12 plus, 1 plus, 2 plus… the meeting onlie started @ 3.30pm… i wished i didnt take a cab to skool man… punctuality issues again… sheesh… did some filming for SL video… man, damn stupid! not relevant.. lol… shall not reveal much to keep de element of surprise! LOL.. too tired to blog! onlie made a move around midnight to home and had to take a cab again… filming ended around 8 plus, went to bedok 85 with colin to eat dinner cum supper, bumped into de twins, than chatted to colin till midnight… tiring… anway, hee… hey, guess wat? i tink i found a host! i will have a sub-domain soon! shall reveal much lata!

*so exciting!*

tiring day….. been out for 14 hours straight!

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