tiger is driving me nuts. (updated)

he was supposed to plan for our anniversary. our 3.5. and all i got were the following clues. hmmm

  1. dress casual
  2. we’re going for a buffet
  3. wear jeans
  4. preferably wear sport shoes and thick socks

when i complained about sport shoes because well, yours truly doesnt wear sport shoes often la! (i like my toes to breathe), he said can wear slippers but bring socks.

grrr. its driving me mad thinking where we’re going. skali, he’s bringing me to a kopitiam to eat, (he order zi char, somewhat “buffet” for me) and then we’re going bowling.

i hate bowling.

or maybe rockclimbing b4 dinner! but then looking at tiger’s size, thats not possible.

hmmm. why a must for socks?! when i guessed a japanese dinner, he said my imagination a bit the …


WHERE?! grrr.

edit: muahahahaaa. i have smart people reading my blog!

nadnut™ [complications of the heart.] says (3:59 PM):
sunday wear tube better or sleeve top better

.:tiger:.says (4:07 PM):
sleeve lah

:tiger:.says (4:10 PM):
ur stupid blog readers tell u le

:tiger:.says (4:10 PM):

15 thoughts on “tiger is driving me nuts. (updated)”

  1. For once just be a good girl and guai guai listen to your man. Dounch ask so many questions can?

    If this is killing you, then you can get back at him when you do Anniversary 4.0 lor.


  2. Gal, at least he got plan lor… Me and Dear’s 3rd birthday coming up, but I don’t “see” plans…
    Never mind lah, go according to his plan and see what’s in store. You can plan the next one if you don’t really “enjoy” his plans…


  3. Hi Nad,
    Do you remember ya been to this costume shop at suntec or something.. I rem reading one such post of yours.. with pics of the costumes ya tried out and all.. But just can’t manage to find it from your archives section. Mind telling me the add of the shop? Need to get some costume accessories urgently. Thanks!!


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