Yours truly...

Down with bronchitis.

Those who have met me during the last few weeks would have noticed that I was down with a bad cough. I myself thought it was just a cough and i was just extremely “phlegmy”.

But after 2 weeks, the cough is still here and I’m still feeling extremely phlegmy. Infact to the point that…

Ok, don’t be grossed out here.

My phlegm has turned greenish brown and when i sneeze, there’s phlegm. It has even reached the point I can’t breathe properly. And I felt very congested. It was as if my whole chest was full of phlegm.

I was still joking to my colleagues that I was a walking phlegm ball.

Woke up yesterday with a fever and decided finally to see the doc. Turns out it was a case of bronchitis. I was “marched” to a gas chamber. LOL. Actually i had to breathe thru a “gas mask” and that medicine would help removing the phlegm.

Brrr. Those who have met me recently, please take some vitamin c and see a doc if you’ve developed a cough. Don’t be like me, ignoring the problem (to be honest, I didn’t have time to see the docs at all) until the problem has escalated.


  1. Hey my dear, how long have you suffered? You were still looking healthy at the game.

    How many days MC did you get? Wikipedia says “Acute bronchitis usually lasts approximately 20 or 30 days.”

    Be well rested!


  2. oh my, take care gal.
    I am sick too..have very bad chest congestion and blocked nose, everything that comes out is green and sticky.
    but i can’t take mc cos I’m on contract:(

    drink lots of water,rest more and get well soon!