note: im not suicidal

remember de story abt the girl stabbing herself?

i was going to sleep and suddenly i tot of a girl cutting herself. i got up in the middle of the night and got a pen and paper and wrote wat i thought.

suddenly the weirdest thought pop into my head.

i wanted to write how the pain felt. but i never sliced/cut/stabbed myself before. i suddenly had the urge to juz give a little slit to feel how it was.

i wouldnt be able to write about how the pain feel unless i felt it right?

but i shook the thought off and changed the story. i wonder abt those script writers. how do they express stories/scripts so well that we can visualise/feel the story.

i usually write based on emotions. for instance the digging one. luckily this aint my job. its just something i write when i have a weird thought in my head.

ok. i think sadistic thoughts. bleah.

but imagine those whose passion is writing stories…

how far would you go for your art?

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