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Where do you go to for the best deals in town?


I’ve just stumbled onto one of the best kept secrets and I’m going to share it with you right now! is a website that helps you find the latest deals in town, quickly and easily. It is a one stop centre imho. You get the best deals for food, shopping and travel all under one roof!

Just the other day, Ching chong boy and I couldn’t decide where to head to for dinner. So… we checked!

We found out that Billy Bombers had a 1 for 1 promo for UOB card holders and off we zoomed to The Cathay  for lunch before catching a movie.

Checking out saved us some moolah!

With the money saved, yours truly, shopaholic extraordinaire searched for some shopping deals!

And from, I found out that Shiseido is having a huge sale!

I went with my colleagues! and we shopped like mad!

I spent a crazy amount at the sale!

The next day, we looked thru again and saw that Overeasy was having a great offer!

So we trooped to Overeasy to enjoy the drinks on offer.

We had such a lovely time at Overeasy and we wouldn’t have thought about going there if we hadn’t checked out!

There’s also travel promos! Do check them out!

I registered as a user and “followed” my favourite brands! That way, I’ll always be informed of the latest deals!

Aside from deals for Food, Shopping, Lifestyle and Travel, did you know that you can create wishlists for any occasions at all?!

Instead of hinting to my friends what I want, I decided creating a wishlist was so much easier!

I created one! It’s called an anything wishlist! Please strike one off for my Xmas gift, birthday or just a surprise gift for me! *thick skinned*

Isn’t it better to have a wishlist? Better to let people know what you want instead of getting crappy (but with good intentions) gifts!

Why not sign up for now?

Go go go!

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