tis has been a bad luck for me tis week.

a few incidents :

– i went for a pedicure. within 2 mins of me walking out of the pedicure place, my toe got stepped on by JO. like wtf?

– giro screwed up. my ezylink card tat is. had to use single trip tickets for de whole fucking day. $#!@%

– nearly came late for salsa classes…. due to giro and jireh. *stares*

– got high/drunk on wednesday…. kaoz. had a hangover tat lasted 12 hours. WTF?!?

anyway, salsa was fun! hahahaha.. learnt basic movements, partnerwork and 360 degrees turn. hahaha. jireh was funny doing his tweety move…

cant wait for next lesson! anyone on for union square next friday?

will be a bz week…. next week too… bah. hopefully there will some nice pics to share… hahaha.

no more bad luck please!!!

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