hectic day @ work today. pretty much exhausted.

rush here rush there. and de bloody com has to hang! and a minimum of 6 times! f**k man! i was soooo pissed already.

gonna buy a thumb drive. it jus pisses me off when lack of thumb drive, or printer not working properly or com problems slow down work.

total nonsense.

in a way i HATE technology. as de printer always seems to jam up. de fax aint going thru. dunno why printer not linked to all pcs. my com going bonkers on me.

and yet i LOVE technology as without it, i wun be able to keep in touch with my frens and be able to chat with numerous of frens online. play my solitare and scrabble. to be able to blog hop and blog..

sighz. i wan a thumb drive!!!! juz coz of work. sheesh.

got news tat can get a mini ipod for a good price. interested? email me here.

feeling sleepy now. gonna zzz soon. so happy i got to eat my shumai!!! (its the frozen ones tat u fry)

a few years since i ate them! managed to find them today when grocery shopping with the mother after work.

boss bdae on sunday. broke liaoz. how how how?

i cant wait for the end of the month to come. oh glorius pay.

tis month pay gotta settle my debts to boi boi. and promised the mother to buy her a new fone. she has been whining over a fone. oh well.

feeling cranky. aunt red is in town. *winkz* (joycee’s lingo)

need a tan. im white! freaking white. and need to lose weight. hmmm. diet? dance classes? gym?

im too lazy for tat. gonna turn to briget jones soon. spinster, sad, lonely and fat.


here’s my mood of the day..

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