happy vday everyone!

i got a flower today! 🙂

hahaha. first time i got a flower on vday! *grin*

loads of updates! hahaha. lazy to blog for the time being…

am disappointed abt some matters…

updates soon!

btw, any job lobangs anyone?



its the most romantic day of the year today.. and everywhere i go, i see couples around…

and when i got home… and searched blogs… i realised i wasnt even mentioned.

maybe i miss someone more than he missed me..

maybe it is wishful thinking on my part….

i dunno.

all i knoe is tat im hurt beyond words.

emotional? how can i not be? been missing someone terribly these 2 days.

but for him? i dunno.

shall now juz go to sleep wiv my cats.

at least, they show more affection.

quarreled on vday.

worse vdae in my whole life.