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nadnut dresses up like a school girl!

because i don’t think its right to post pictures of my colleagues up (they don’t know i blog)… here are pics of me, me and me.

i got quite pissed off during the d&d for it was a very ching chong night. the emcee was talking in mandarin the whole night.


the whole outfit. and yes, i brought my textbook along.

a closer look at my makeup.

those are my REAL specs ok. lol. most of my colleagues went to buy fake geeky specs. lol.

i love my eye makeup. am getting better at the false lashes thingy. heh.

last pic! sorry, the rest are pics with the colleagues. heh.

heh. kawaii neh?


i used to think that i was cursed because from all these years, i have never won ANYTHING from lucky draws. lol. am only gonna collect it on monday.

anyone wants to buy a sony dz555k home theatre system? pls buy it from me!!! i have no use for it at all. thanks!!! email/comment here! thanks.

instead of going clubbing like the rest, i took a cab straight home. am still feeling very sick, feeling pukish, headacheish and all. i really really really hope its not stomach flu. argh. gonna concuss now and hopefully i’ll feel better tomorrow. classes tomorrow! 🙁

tata all! buy my home theatre system pls!!!!

10 thoughts on “nadnut dresses up like a school girl!”

  1. The school girl fetish thing never goes out of style. Hahah!

    Btw, bloody awesome prize you won. Why got no use for it? Your family already has one? Swap it out lah! Unless the existing one is so much better. 🙂


  2. Hi…

    I happen to chance upon your blog…i think my GF is in the same company as yours… Her D&D is also the school theme & it fall on the same date at yours.. Anyway like your blog & Im totally into falsies as you…


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