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zouk outing…

wednesday went to zouk. wasnt intending to actually. wanted to juz sign kenny in and go off. hahaha. so i went to zouk w/o makeup in a normal tanktop, skirt and sandals. totally NOT zouk attire. hahaha. but music was so good tat i stayed! hahaha. kenny was such a gentleman and kept buying drinks for me. hahaha. thanks kenny!

long time since i been clubbing with a gentleman. =)

ooh, and i have been a notti gurl. didnt tell my boy tat i went clubbing. (coz tot onlie sign him in and go…) HAHAHAA! boy found out from a tell-tale and well.. hahaha. tats another story…

kenny the gentleman…

kenny’s car!

the car beside kenny’s car! nice!!!

bumped into mingren. he shaved botak!

photoshoot pics…

photoshoot pics are up! woot. juz got de cd… hahahha. check out 2 pics here. one is a candid and the other… dun ask… hahahaha…

hahaha. candid pic!

hahahaha! my mouth very big! 😛

mingli’s bdae…

mingli’s 21st bdae party @ sunset bay…

mood felt weird. very weird. hahaha. but glad to see ming enjoying herself and getting dead drunk. 😛

some selected pics..

representives from my class…

hospi babes…

me & de bdae gal.. look how red she is!!!

ash and me! hahaha. he cant stand with my flash!

me & G!!!

me & G again. 😛

boi boi & me!

spent sunday and monday with my boi boi… we went to watch taxi yesterday…

those boots are cool man! hot bodies!

and saw tis…


today is bedok-boiboi day!

today spent the day @ bedok. we watched the incredibles @ princess cinema! one ticket onlie 7 bucks!

cheap cheap!

i love !!!

so cute! love de show! hahaha. i knoe de secret power of jack jack! 😛

went to eat at pizza hut after de movie…

finally settled my craving of..

beef lasagne! kekeke..

walked around and played some archade games… walked pass a cinema and saw tis..

hahaha! de malay version of ‘i know what you did last summer’… de show is called ‘i know what you did last raya!’… AHHAHAHAAHAHah..

oh yah. a pic of my ‘newest’ (about a month old) earring possession… gold hoop earrings!!

ending with a pic of my boi boi & me..

hahaha. so dark coz neva ‘on’ flash…

enjoyed me long weekend… sobz! tomolo start work liaoz! how’s ur weekend?

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