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updates updates!

lets see wat i have been doing…

lately i seem to be so oh lucky!

i won tickets to the singapore idol live show on thursday and on friday, i won tickets to the bridget jones diary! woot!!

so thursday and friday, went to the liveshow. brought shahdon since my boi boi didnt wanna go (i got pissed @ him…)

saturday went to have buffet! hahaa. it was more like a double date… :X

tok abt saturday another day…

tis blog shall be about the live show!!

anyway, being there live is sooo much betta than watching at home.. their voices sounded sooo much different!

olinda and taufik sounded much betta. and unfortunately sly sounded worser. *pun intended*

and they are so much slimmer! sly looks so slim and scrawny! olinda doesnt look so fat…

it was a great experience. unfortunately cant take pictures inside. i managed to sneak a few pics. but had to stop. scared kena caught.

pics galore!

my tickets!

me and singapore idol!!

the stage..

the idols…

the crowd…

updates on saturday’s “double date” soon! im dead tired..

gonna zZz…