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saturday me and kenny wanted to go eat buffet @ grand copthorne waterfront… thus we were looking for kaki… in de end found colin and rachie chong who wanted to go to eat buffet at swissotel (merchant court)… thus we decided to go too! =)

kenny sweetly picked me up at me house. hahaha. =P

he took onlie 20 minutes to get ready and drive from serangoon to bedok. army life has surely changed him. hehee..

then we met colin and rachel at bedok to ‘drive together’.

so cute lah. we were like ‘police and thief’… as colin ‘supposedly’ knoes his way there… kenny had to follow him. hahaha. keep track of him…

in de end, me and rachie chong had to communicate together. lol. like rachie said in her blog, we were like tele-operators..

hahhaa. in de end, colin lost his way and kenny tried leading a bit… after much driving. we found our way…

can u believe it? we took like 1.5 hours to drive from bedok to clarke quay. *pengz*

reached late. nearly starved to death….

good variety of food.

there was de raw section: sashimi, topshell, some shell stuff and other raw icky stuff..

there was all kind of noodles. laksa, pad thai (me fave!), duck noodles and all sort.

the maincourse: shellfish, black pepper crayfish, rendang stingray and much much more..

dessert: durian puree, fried icecream, cheesecake, nonya kueh, choc cake, mango pudding and lots more.

sharkfin, potato salad, samosa, fruits +++++


im a bad person to go to a buffet with. i drink lotsa water.

even rachie chong eats more than me. *SOBZ*

its ok, im gearing for the grand copthorne waterfront buffet soon. any kakis?

hee. after tat, we had a walk at clarke quay. bumped into conan. we then drove to orchard. managed to take a miserable few pics of xmas decorations.

too full to walk and conan kept groaning how tired he was. oh well.

can always take next time. ^-^

tried to persuade de guys to jump and ‘kop’ one ‘crystal’ from the ck tangs tree for me. unfortunately i got ignored. so much for my persuading skills. -_-

food pics…

the sinners involved at de buffet…

xmas decorations…

saw tis balloon decoration. so colourful!

xmas lights..


leaving u with tis…


santa’s big butt! 😛

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