7UP® Made with Natural Flavor!

I don’t know about you guys but I’ve been a fan of 7up for a very long time. I always loved the drink and its cutesy (though guys would say it’s cool and not cute!) mascot/spokesperson Fido Dido.

Here’s some information that I bet you guys didn’t know!

– 7UP® is made with natural flavors
– 7UP® is no. 1 lemon lime flavored soft drink in Singapore

Not only that, do you know that in Australia, they call 7Up lemonade? I got a surprise back then!

Recently 7Up has launched a new look with a “Made with Natural Flavors” message on it. Not only that, it now comes in a new easy grip packaging.

Aside from that, there’s a BIG 7UP promotion right now that YOU can participate in!

All you have to do is…

First purchase a bottle or a can of 7Up at your favourite convenience store/supermarket.

Log on to

Click Sign Up Now!

Fill in your details. Invite 6 friends.

Don’t forget to key in the batch code. (available on the new packaging.) Oei! Don’t key in MY batch code!

Upon confirmation that your 6 friends has accepted your invitation, you will earn a lucky draw chance. To gain more chances, refer more friends!

You stand to win 7 movie tickets! Get your friends to register too! 7 movie tickets will be given out hourly and this promotion willl last till 31 July 2009. A total of 5,208 movie tickets will be given out!

I’ve submitted my entry. Have you?

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