Do you want to win a Mac Book Air?

Remember the FoTC event that I attended some time back?

HBO is feeling generous and would like to give out 3 fantastic Mac Book Air and also a chance for YOU to have your trailer aired with the final episode of Flight of the Conchords? on 19 November, 9.30pm Thai / 10.30pm Sin, and 23 November, 1.30pm Thai / 2.30pm Sin on HBO!

All you have to do is create a trailer! Here are the rules and regulations.

Contest Rules (“Rules”)

These are the things you need to follow:

* No longer than 30 seconds.
* Contest Submission must be an original home video production for the series Flight of the Conchords?.
* The words ‘Wednesdays, 10.30pm on HBO’ must appear in the Contest Submission.
* Please do not deface the Flight of the Conchords? name and/or logo.
* Same goes for our HBO logo!
* BE CREATIVE! 🙂 Just look at Bret and Jemaine.

To submit your entry:

* Join our YouTube group and add your entry to the group.
* Note the URL (e.g. and copy it.
* Browse back here and fill in the form that you see below, with the URL.
* Wait for our approval!

Not only that, the Most Creative Video will stand to win a Creative Vado Pocket Video Camera from Creative Technology Ltd!

Isn’t it great? Aside from that, here’s a chance to win a goodie bag!

All you have to do is when you submitted your video, just drop the link in the comments section of this post and the three videos that I like the most will win a HBO Asia/FOTC Goodie Bag which consists of the following:

FOTC Soundtrack
FOTC Poster
HBO license plate
HBO Water bottle

The video contest ends 5 Nov so go for it! 😉 For more information, do click here!

9 thoughts on “Do you want to win a Mac Book Air?”

  1. this is totally unrelated to your post, but the “want something eyecatching?” pic is smokin’ hot!! me like! :DD


  2. I don’t know if i’ll win the contest but i’ve enjoy making this video because i really love fotc. that’s why i impersonated them! cheers! hope to win your goodie bag!


  3. if my brother can pick it up for me (he’s staying in singapore in 2-5 days in december) can he pick it up for me??? please email me. thank you!!


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