wat makes me happy?

  • when i wake up with a smile knowing this day is just gonna be great
  • when im early to work
  • my mum calling me to ask wat i would like for dinner
  • my colleagues being all chirpy
  • when i tok to nice clients and receptionists
  • when u get a sweet sms/msn from lazydeer
  • shopping!
  • a special call from someone i have not met for sometime
  • my fave chinese shows

yesterday someone special called me and perked up my day! it was ange… she called me when she got home from london.

a simple phonecall. yet means the world to me.

coz sometimes i feel, my ‘clique’ may not be my clique anymore. none of them except a few bothers to call/sms/arrange outings and frankly im sick of it. u dun bother. why should i?

anyway, im glad to see i still have peeps like ange and pearl around. who still bothers.

thanks u guys. feeling emo these days. pmsy? maybe. but frankly, im kinda sick of a lot of matters.

home. work. friends.

resentment grows everyday.

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