woah. got loads to update. mind blank…

shall we go from events to events?

no pics coz no 1. i have no pics in my com,

no 2. i cant find de cable to upload pics from my camera. whoops.

so pics later. 😛

event 1.

jenny’s stall!

bright and early me and rachie chong woke up and pestered 2 peeps to come with us. namely zhenjie and shen.

went to delifrance and rachie chong introed me de potato gratin. YUMMY!

zhenjie and shen came late. and i finally treated zhenjie to his long awaited coffee for winning de quiz. eh. HIGH CLASS KOPI wor.

then we headed to jen’s stall. me and rachie bought earrings. with some help of de sponsors. hahahaa.

bought some beady necklace cum belt too. and zhenjie was so sweet to treat us soyabean drink!

walked walked a bit. then jen closed shop and we went to tm … noting much to do. jen and nix went makan. rach went to meet tekong boy. zj got project, shen went to orchard and gerie and i went home.

such a sad day. wasted.

event 2.

shopping trip!

went out wiv mira and rachie chong to orchard for shopping…

before our shopping… muahahahaa… yours truly dragged mira down to trim her eyebrows at PS….

*evil grin*

me and rachie chong were laughing our hearts out at mira attempts of getting out of there. in de end. between de struggle of us wanting thinner eyebrows for her and mira’s ‘its ok already’.

it was juz some shaping for her eyebrows. noting drastic but betta than noting.

we then rested our butts at cafe cartel after tat horrible ordeal…

had a great meal. and de 3 of us. very bravely walked in de scorching sun from ps to orchard.

it was hot hot HOT!!!!!

grrr. in de end, i settled for a nice necklace and decided to lose de battle.

legs hurting like mad. i decided to retreat from de battle and go back with mira.

rachie chong valiantly fought de battle with MALINA joining her.


tired legs 1
nadia 0

event 3


went with rachie chong to picnic @ east coast. mira was supposed to join us but she last minute fly our kite!

GRRRRR. should have made mira’s eyebrows thinner!

then we went to ntuc to buy snacks and library to borrow books.

it was a nice affair. we had snacks, books, magazines and gossip… wiv de breeze.. it was de best way to destress…. =)

we spent a few hours of chatting.. fun! wanna do tat again!

event 4

kok’s bdae party…

woke up in de morning with de horrible feeling in my tummy…

its de u knoe wat…

had tummy ache and nearly fainted…. caused mira and rachie chong to be late. took a cab to kok’s chalet. with my tummy almost killing me.

i felt like a drug addict popping panadol extras and EPO..

suppose to help out b4 de party started, in de end, i juz rested and watched tv…

didnt eat much except a few sticks of crab stick…

loads of peeps came…

was suppose to go joyce’s side but not feeling so good. and rested. didnt mingle much too. juz sat down…

the peeps taught me how to play bridge. was good fun.

unfortunately, late in de night with noting in my tummy, my mind became blur and fuzzled.

i said ‘my partner betta make it clear & cut’

when i meanted clearcut.

pengz. i was then named ‘clear and cut’

had fun playing with malina, rachie chong and lawrence (hang 10 singapore)..

i then said ‘lets get it together team’

u knoe CS…

Malina, prolly high from something. then started saying de phrase a LOT.

crazy woman.

played to a certain time when de mind and tummy couldnt take it anymore.

i then started a laughing cum whineing for food fit.


bad and weird day.

good thing was….

watching kok get drunk!!!! woot… sispec song!


more updates and pics coming later!

in de meantime, look wat i got for my early xmas cum 21st bdae prezzie!


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