When a relationship turns bad, it can happen gradually over a number of years, or appear suddenly as if overnight. It may even be difficult to recognize when a relationship becomes unhealthy, because you’re so deeply involved.

1. Disrespect
A lack of respect can be disguised in the form of criticism, putdowns, sarcasm and insults. All this can chip away at your self-confidence. Even what appears to be playful teasing can hurt if it’s a source of embarrassment or a sore spot.

2. Lies
Honesty is a vital element in any healthy relationship, so, if you’re telling lies or being lied to, this relationship is unhealthy. Even if the lies are minor, they usually snowball into big lies. Remember, lies destroy relationships and keeping secrets isn’t any better.

3. Jealousy
There’s no place for jealousy in a healthy relationship. And don’t mistake it for love. A person who is jealous doubts the other person’s love or commitment. It’s a sign of a problem with
trust in your relationship.

4. Judgments
Being able to talk openly and without judgment is what good communication is all about. If you can’t talk with your partner about your feelings or a relationship issue because you’ll be judged, or worse, yelled at, that’s a problem. Your relationship is definitely exhibiting an unhealthy sign.

5. Grudges
Do you both apologize after an argument? Hold grudges? Or retreat to your separate corners in silence? If fights are never resolved because no one can admit when he or she is wrong, it’s an
unhealthy sign. Both sides must be able to accept apologies and forgive in order to nurture a
healthy relationship.

6. Controlling
Do you always have to ask permission to do something or go somewhere? It’s not about checking in. If your partner is making all the decisions for you, there’s no balance in the relationship. That’s definitely not a good sign. A healthy relationship has more equality.

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