friday went for camping with dear at east coast park…

went late coz i end work late… had dinner at macs and camped… chit chatted till late at nite and SOMEBODY woke up bright and early to NAG and wake me up for breakfast…

isnt it ABNORMAL for someone to get up at 6 plus on a SATURDAY? and want 2 eat breakfast?

anyway, some pics… taken with his sister’s 3.2MP camera… date is wrong..

our rings… dunno why his turn so black..

he dun let me take his pic!!! >.<

grrr… see how cute our tent!!! ^-^

hahahhaa! GOTCHA!

us… god.. i look HORRIBLE w/o makeup!

de view of de sea…

abt 8-9 ish… beautiful view!

de tents around us…

– – – – – – –

nice experience… anyone wanna have a picnic or group camping next time?

one more time… de beautiful view… *nad wonders if took wiv her camera, how it would look like…*

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