today met Justin for lunch. so sweet of him to come by my office to meet me 4 lunch! peeps, dun shy, if u guys are at dhoby ghaut around lunch or dinner time, call me! (except my number still not in use. wahahhaa! add me on msn. im on msn most of de times @ werk. but not free to chat so long of coz!)

anyway, today started coldcalling… i hate rejections but kinda used to it since SIP, anyway, tomolo meeting client! my first ‘official’ meeting. (SIP dun count)… hmmm. not nervous though..

anyway, been pretty tired these days… boo… muz be de lack of zZzz… hahaha. anyway, looking forward to meeting SOMEBODY on wednesday. hehehehe…

gonna post up some cutesy pics i found on de net… of jap kids’ dinners… so cute aint it? i feel hungry already!

enjoy de pics!

I wanna have one of those!!!! so PWEEEEEETY! *sulkz*

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