oops! hahaha. oh look! ndp pics aint up yet… *whistles*… hahhaaa… soon!



slacked de whole day after me haircut and managed to get decent sleep. boring day..


went for couple shoot with dearie~… heh! fun! enjoyed meself with him… *awwww*… hahhaha! he said it was tiring but was onlie a few hours.. hahhaa. waiting for de pics! :P.. more of normal pics lah. fun fun ones… 😛 … went to fullerton, esplanade (de ball ball area), mrts and de link to fullerton… hahaha! :P. bought a nice m)phosis pouchy for me camera. amazingly neva kena nagged at by u-know-who! whoopy! 😛


going for grad ceremony in a few hours… wow… will be my last day in tp and guess wat? i still havent clear my pigeon hole in de bsc room! :X … yikes! tomolo will be sorta my first day in work.. gotta have a meeting… oh man… time to drag out de formal clothes again… dunno whether still can go clubbing tomolo… 🙁

anyway, congrats to pearl on de job! *hugz*… cool, next time i go there, got discount? *winkz*…

going for graduation ceremony soon! tats’s it. me gonna snooze half an hour b4 getting ready to grad!

great day for me yesterday and hopes it follows on today! 🙂

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