Yours truly...

juz got back home from work! its 1.55am now! had dinner and dance 2dae… then ended late, went off for supper… boss paid… 🙂 , of coz mah. i work OT no pay wor!

had fun though. was a good event. see everyone enjoying themselves… tis company (i shall not reveal de name), has a lot of gays! hahaha. VERY pretty ones!

got one of them said ‘aiyah, u and me de same lah. juz like m&ms. onlie some got nuts, some dun!’…. hahhahaa!

reminds me of my previous dinner and dance i conducted… cant wait to do one of my own (today’s was my colleague’s, i juz went down to help out)… i feel rusty being out of de events scene for soooo long! so paiseh….

there’s lots to learn and improve on. anyway, guess wat? my boss likes my voice and made me record my voice for de voicemail thingy…. eeeeeewwww. i sound so horrible…. hahahaha.

anyway, im tinking of making de jump from starhub to singtel. any comments on tat? need help!

and i wanna buy a camcorder! i was recording de show today. had fun! 😛

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