cause you had a bad day…

if it wasnt enough that you get pissed off during the day, you just HAD to slip and fall on your way to school, heavy bag, umbrella and files and all. wearing a nice dress and falling was the last thing you’ll expect. (no zhaogeng wor)

so you fell rather loudly, *KAPIAK* and the next thing you know is.. NOT somebody helping you up but a remark given by an ugly middleaged specky nerdy fat guy who has probably never had a girl shown any interest in him before. he stared and exclaimed “WAH!”.

and the imbecile made no movement to even help you up while the other idiotic passerbys just walked past you without offering any help. despite feeling that pain (and probably bruise forming) on your right butt and your hands scrapped raw, you picked yourself up with whatever dignity left and collected your items and stared at the imbecile (who was still staring at you) and said “WHATS SO WAH ABOUT IT? IDIOT!” and stomped away.

so much for caring and kindness from fellow singaporeans.

8 thoughts on “cause you had a bad day…”

  1. *hugs*

    Next time, pick yourself up (along with the rest of your belongings) then go and flick your hair into his face. Idiots like those ought to eat hair instead of real food.


  2. All my warmest and best good vibes are beaming your way right now, beautiful Nadnut. I’m terribly sorry you fell and hurt yourself, and I’m incredibly sorry you’re feeling so lonely. I love you very much, Nadnut, and Madelon sends her love too. You are so wonderful…


  3. Oh you poor thing… somemore you wear so mei mei last night to class!! By the way its me!! i’m here… wahaha *muacks*


  4. oh dear… hope u at least give him the “you better disappear to the end of the world” look.. Take care, sweetie..


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