Friends Yours truly...

check out my new banner! heh… nice? :P, a sweet gal who’s onlie 14 did for me!

thanks nina!

anyway, jenny was sooo sweet to me today! coz i was at work and dun have nice pics of meself. she made me cartoons! thanks sweetie!

anyway, watched my first singapore idol episode! yay! heh. *happy* i love tis song… ‘love will keep us together’… who sang ah?

i want de mp3! who can help me get it? please! heh…

anyway, here are de pics tat jen did for me! which one looks more like me? heh..

pic one – done by jenny

pic two – done by jenny

pic three – done by yours truly

pic four – done by yours truly

pic five – done by yours truly

hee.. =)

meeting dearie tomolo. yay! anyway, tat ken ah (de judge of singapore idol) reallie reallie KANASAI!

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