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hey peeps!

de winner for de contest is ZHENJIE!

all de answers are similiar but zhenjie was de fastest!

for tat, he wins FREE COFFEE at a kopitiam! come to dhoby ghaut to redeem! =)

anyway, if ur wondering why there is angels on my blog now, its coz my colleague is getting married tomolo! thus de angels! symbolises love & peace!

anyway, let u guys knoe of a silly fetish of mine. hahaha. hmmm. de thing is i use 2B pencils at work to do some calculation (bound to make mistakes so can erase)

i have a very very silly fetish. my office has tis electric sharpener… i sharpen my pencils a minimum of 3 times an hour. *blushes*

not coz sharpening pencils are fun or tat i wanna eat snake..

its juz tat ….



i like my pencils super sharp. as in sharp tat poke u, u’ll shout ‘OW! damn U!’. lol. everytime i use it, and it gets blunt, i would sharpen it…

then realising my boss found out my weird behaviour.. i found a way to sorta lessen my weird habit..

now on my desk there is five 2B pencils. so when i sharpen i bring all de pencils. when one gets blunt, i use de other. lol.

bad fetish of mine. current msn nick is “obsessive sharpening pencils behaviour“.

hahaha. anyway, a new blogger has joined us! its miss rachel chong! =) , miss rachel chong is weird…. she says she wanna be a canteen auntie in tekong! whahahaha!

sighz. brought home some proposals to do. 🙁

anyway, heading for my colleague’s wedding. so romantic! *swoon* and my blog song has been changed to: Carpenters ~ Love will keep us together..

thanks to joyce nutfairy for downloading for me! *muackz*

i promise u PICS! … anyway, sorta thinking of moving my blog to a private one… should i?

anyway, my latest pic. edited by eddie! i love it!

narcissism rawkz!

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