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that thing about the jurong hilltop teppanyaki dinner..

quite some time ago, (yes i’m trying to clear my backlog of entries) jen jen and ben ben asked tiger and me out for dinner. they brought us to the jurong hilltop for dinner which was located at a super ulu (and far!) part of singapore. thankfully, ben ben drove us there.

i was surprised when i first saw the building.. i would have never anticipated that the restaurant was “parked” at such a venue. bimbo old me had forgotten to take a pic of the place.


unfortunately the place was packed when we arrived and as we wanted good seats or as jenny would say, ringside seats, we had to wait a bit. thankfully, the wait was short. 🙂

our ringside seats.

this was my first time having teppanyaki at a restaurant. my only other times were at foodcourts. lol.

we were given bibs. i persuaded the couple to take “baby” pics. lol

yours truly.

we ordered our dishes. between tiger and i, we ordered a bowl of garlic rice, a bowl of olive rice, teriyaki chicken, mushrooms, kailan, beef steak and miso soup.

our table setting.

and the following were our appetizers..

yummy crabstick. too little!

fruit salad. i liked this a lot!

i dont know what’s this. didnt try it. lol

the other table’s chef was doing some flambe thingy!

as we were starving… i totally forgotten to take pics of the mushrooms. 🙁

yummy miso soup though i didnt taste any difference from others. hmmm.

teriyaki chicken. i really liked this a lot! very nice!

yummy garlic rice. i didnt take pics of the olive rice.. but definitely prefer the garlic rice!

beef steak! only disappointment was that there were many burnt bits. other than that, it was good. 🙂

the fried kailan..

a vid of our chef flambe-ing.

it was damn funny lah. he noticed me taking pics and asked me to get ready when he was ready to flambe. check out the little boy behind, he was scared of the flambe and if you noticed, our chef burnt his hand. did you hear the little boy saying the food was chao-tah? lol! I think I need a food calorie chart to tell me more about info about food.

after the steak dish, i was dying of having too much garlic.. made a mistake of using the damn spoon and accidentally swallowing a bunch of garlic. argh. tiger found the dishes too salty, for me, it was a bit salty, just way too much garlic. but other than that, i found the food was good.

there was free dessert!

our dessert. yum. it was good having something cool to wash down all that garlic.

outfit of the day. lovely turquoise dress from zara. 🙂 I have never tried Cajun food before and I would love to try! Any recommendations?

nadnut’s rating (taking in account of service + food.):

if you’ll like to check out the place, here are the details. (copied from jenny, i lazy to go google. :P)

Jurong Hilltop Japanese Restaurant
Jurong Hill (where Jurong Bird Park is)
B1 of the Observation Tower

Reservations strongly recommended

5 thoughts on “that thing about the jurong hilltop teppanyaki dinner..”

  1. woooo. i’ve been there once couple of years back. but my trip there back then was pretty ok. no problems with food or seats. =D

    but location a bit inaccessible.


  2. Ahh…. I see you’ve found my friend’s restaurant. The next door Indonesian restaurant still there?

    Anyway the yellow disc thing is pickled radish (Takuan, pronounced as tar-koo-arn). You are supposed to eat it with rice (in my opinion plain rice is best) as it will bring out the sweetness in the rice.

    Take a bite of the radish, scoop the rice into your mouth and chew them together. Sedap!

    Despite the word “pickled”, it is not sour. Instead, a good takuan is mildly sweet, not overpowering and a very nice tail (after-taste)on your tongue.


  3. Forgot to add. Takuan (or Takuwan) is traditionally eaten at the end of the meal. Perhaps to clean the palate or to help with digestion?

    For me, I eat it with the rice. Best recommendation. Eat it with Ten-don (tempura don > tempura rice). Dip sauce + takuan + white rice. Yum. No need the shrimps liao.. ahaaha…. kidding….


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