f**k off! its not my fault rite? u lost ur chance when u cheated on me and lied to me. im attached now, get it. even if im not, i wun wanna go back to u. go away. dun come back to my life. i dun even wanna be frenz with u. u lied to me upteen times. my heart got broken by u till i felt like i neva wanted to live again. im happy now. juz go away.

i dun wanna hear ur lies, ur excuses or ur apologies. i dun wanna remember de heartbreak. i dun wana reopen de cuts u made, long time ago. u made ur mistake. stop begging. i dun give a damn abt u anymore. juz go away. dun call me. dun give me some pity lies to make me feel sorry for u. u hurt me too much.

juz wanna be alone…

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