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updates for camp coming soon…

“u guys left me memories of a lifetime. i will neva forget the days we spent together. love u guys!”

and u guys made nad an emo person! 😛

shall blog lata abt de happenings….

anyway, take a look at tis…

and tis…

kaoz. dun they look similiar?

take a look some more…

here is another pic… k la, tis one not so similiar…

KAOZ! tis guy i met in camp, a head GL, alvin neo, which we call neo neo looks exactly like my ex boyfren Jireh!

i was stunned when i saw him (neo neo). stared at him. well, b4 he tot i was a psycho, i told him abt de resemblance. and when i showed Jireh the pic of neo neo, Jireh said “omg… scary”.

its damn freaky man. and i cant help staring at neo neo. hahaaa. trying to find out wat is so similiar. god. its creepy.

Jireh promised to dig out more old pics of him. pics of him sporting de same hairstyle as neo neo.

hahhaa. i feel like dragging de both of them out and taking a pic…


would u like someone coz he/she looks like someone u are close to or ur ex?

like for me, when i saw neo neo, it juz felt easier for me to talk to him as compared to others. and i felt as if i knew him for some time. to put it simply, if i was not attached to a darling bf, hell, i would be attracted.


it would be juz because he looks like my ex, Jireh who was a serious sweetie and a great fren. he was someone who i admired a lot and he was one of my best fren. basically he holds a spot in my heart.

dun misunderstand peeps. i feel for him as a close fren. all feelings of love belongs to my current dear. (betta clear up any misunderstandings. later current dear… :X )

anyway, it was creepy seeing neo neo. hahhaa~

and im glad he cut his hair. coz tat is one thing lesser he resembles my ex now..

more updates coming soon…

i leave u with a last pic. a pic of me and jireh. at our happiest moment.

take care old pal…

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