Yours truly...

nad = hermit.

dun ask me out. coz i wun go out. i will onlie go to…

1) school to settle stuff

2) my fren’s 21st bdae. muz show ‘face’ and i reallie like her. but sadly, looks like my last 10 bucks will go to her bdae present.

sorry ange cant go chinablack with u guys. sorry dear, i dun wanna go out. yep. hermit nad. anyway, bz bz.

my schedule. for de heck of it. hahhaaa! if dun wanna read, its ok. i wanna freak myself with my schedule.


18/5 – play badminton with club members at school. advisor may come along to play. *reminds self not to be clumsy*

19/5 – shop for bdae prezzie. *goodbye to 10 bucks!* and go gym to work some FATS off!

20/5 – collect glamourshots pic and go home straight to avoid temptation of shops or food. meet best fren Fauziah to visit secondary school. can u believe it after all these years, tis will be my first time visiting them again? i miss all de teachers~

21/5 – bsc formal meeting in school. and mich’s bdae party. *reminds self to go home early*

22/5 – maincomm for foc ALP training and meeting after tat.

24/5 – ALP for GLs.

29/5 – 10 months anniversary with dear~ … sighz broke. guess no celebration..

31/5 – TPSU meeting

1/6 – mum’s bdae and graduation.

2/6 – 9/6 – FOC. prepare to have lack of sleep dear nad. *reminder when allowance comes in, to buy eyebags cream* (5/6 – 6/6 – NDP Leaders retreat)

10/6 – dance training for ndp

12/6 – dance training for ndp followed by SL tea party

14/6 – 15/6 – Week Zero!

17/6 – dance training for ndp

19/6 – combined training for ndp

22/6 – dance training

23/6 – combined training

27/6 – dance training

29/6 – 11 months anniversary with dear~

4/7 – dance training

10/7 – 1st combined rehearsal

17/7 – NE show

24/7 – dance training

29/7 – if still together with dear, 1 year anniversary~*

31/7 – ndp preview

7/7 – dance training

9/7 – de big day itself!!! de actual parade!

14/7 – motivators appreciation nitw

31/7 – financial year closing and step down of duties from BSC

somwhere in august – graduation ceremony


and u knoe wat? im looking forward to being bz! hahaha. not including time inbetween for club meetings – bsc & tpsu. and my trip to thailand may have to be cut short to accomodate for ndp training. i muz be a psycho coz i seriously am looking forward to de crazy weeks to come. lol. yep.

bored… lazing around, (well, i betta coz there wun be much of it later~)