sad… sniff sniff..

today i skipped school (ya i knoe, its again!)… lol… had a tummy ache… muz be yesterday’s sting ray… i got a subdomain! woot~ but now learning FTP… very blur… dunno everything… once i have learned everything, i shall move in to my new subdomain! yay~ woot… was sad though… had some stupid problem with my outlook express… so i download another version.. all my messages gone… grrr! if u are wondering about why de title of today’s blog is sniff sniff, here’s why…

i was watching tis show on Channel U. the 9pm show. about a couple. de girl has been with de guy for close to 7 years… but de guy like neva really appreciate her or made any sign tat he wants to marry her. de girl would try to bring up the subject of marriage but he would avoid the issue or talk about something else… in the meantime, a guy “peter” is chasing the girl. though the girl tells the boyfren, he seems not to care. infact he like gives the girl minimal attention and doesnt seem to notice she is becoming more and more withdrawn with him… after a while, when the girl brings up the subject of marriage again, the boy still changes the subjects and wants to remain the way it is. on the day of their 7th year anniversary, she tells him she is getting married to peter. the guy is shocked and doesnt even remember who is peter. shows how much guys listen dun they? to the girl, she has wasted many years with him and he stills want to be a swinging bachelor. she invites him to her marriage and they both part. the guy tinks back and realises who is peter and thinks back of their years together and realises he wants to marry her afterall on the day she is suppose to get married.. -_-“. he rushes to the church and realises its another couple getting married. he then remembers that when they were together, the girl has always said she wants to get married at a church overseas as it was the church where she was baptised. he then cried and wallow in his misery and decides to go back in history to win his lady back….


i feel sad for the girl. the guy dont pays attention to wat she says and doesnt even care. if im the girl i would leave too. my bioligical clock will be clicking man. why would i waste many years of my life with him? if he doesnt have the intent to marry her after so long, then wats de point? 7 years man. he doesnt even remember things tat are highly important to her. sad. i kinda teared when i saw the show… guys…


sad show… ya la ya la.. i so sentimental tat i teared… bleah!

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