anyway, a piece of good news. singtel called me! hee~ i can go and exchange de defective webcam! yay~ but gotta go in de morning since i got a meeting…. anyway, today went to skool, had consulatation and otc meeting… had disgusting lunch! (eew!!!!!) and now @ home… gonna slack a bit and enjoy my day…. coz from tomolo onwards, my days gonna be long! bleah~ anyway… was kinda not happy due to a punctuality problem during meeting…. especially since de meeting suppose to start @ 11am. sheesh. in de end, it onlie started @ 11.20 – 11.25am… why do ppl always come in late? waste ppl time… be more considerate and come early…. sheesh… punctuality a very sore sport of mine since attachment… its not as if its tutorials or lectures, which even if u come late or dun turn up, its ok. i dun give a damn. but for meetings, events, shows and projects, EVERYONE has to wait. lots of valuable time wasted. sheesh. but then, in every organisation, there would be late comers… sighz… next time when i’m pissed, shall write my piece on puntuality. hee…. anyway, me wun be blogging on wed nite onwards till sunday i guess. as i would be in Orientation Training Camp. so dun miss me u guyz! hee… i shall read my book and take a nap. tis shall be a relaxing day for me!

tata for now~

my skin still hurts….

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