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This is a Womanly Wednesdays - Beauty and hiaoness entry under my themed blogposts! For more info about this Singapore Lifestyle Blog themed posts, do read the entry here.

I was invited by the team from MyFatPocket to share my personal experience with fillers not too long ago. Here's my take!

I had fillers done a few months ago! As some of you guys may know or may have noticed, I have dark eye circles and eye bags.

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First up, I gotta state this upfront. Skai aka c(hubby) and I love Staycations. We have had friends keep making fun of us going for staycations. I don't see what's so wrong about going for staycations. Instead of exchanging expensive gifts or extravagant bouquets of flowers for birthdays or Valentine's Day, we instead choose to go for a staycation.

Some prefer to spend on an expensive watch or some jewellery, we prefer staycations. What's wrong with that? Tsk. Jin irritating. It's our money, what is it to them sia?!

ANYWAY, it's pretty much our tradition to go for a staycation to celebrate our birthdays. And as my birthday is a week away from Valentine's Day, we usually celebrate two occasions into one.

For this year, Skai surprised me by booking a staycation at Royal Plaza at the Scotts! I have been to Carousel for dinner before but this was our first time staying at Royal Plaza at the Scotts!



Skai had booked a higher tier, the Royal Club (as opposed to the Superior and Deluxe rooms) as we really enjoy hotels with Club Lounge services but because we checked in late (due to a lovely lunch at Koh Grill), we got upgraded! Also, because my birthday falls during the peak season, most of the time, the hotels are operating at high occupancy. WHAT LUCK IS THIS?! We got upgraded to a suite! **DOES A HAPPY DANCE**

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This is a Womanly Wednesdays - Beauty and hiaoness entry under my themed blogposts! For more info about this Singapore Lifestyle Blog themed posts, do read the entry here.

[Invited event]

I've got some exciting news to share! For Milly's Hair Lashes Nails fans, you'll be stoked to find out that Milly's is now open at Suntec City! This will be the 5th Milly's outlet!

nadnut millysmilly's

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This is a Monday's Musings - Random thoughts, feelings and musings by Yours Truly entry under my themed blog posts! For more info about the themed blog posts, do read the entry here

I think most of my Monday's Musings entries comes from real life experience

It's been a while since I wrote a Monday's Musings piece! Missed it! Blogging has kinda taken a backseat these days as I've been busy with the home. And this is way before we even started renovation!

There is just so much research to do also with visiting showrooms, shops etc! Much to do!

Recently, with the upcoming home, I have encountered lots of 'well-meaning' advice from neighbours, acquaintances, friends, family.

Honestly, I am fine with people sharing suggestions, thoughts and experiences but not in an obnoxious, shove it down my throat way. You can DISCUSS with me.

fd8It's really ridiculous how some people think that their opinions are so important. F off

I've also had remarks given to me about my 'expenditure'. Granted it might be given by kaypoh well-meaning neighbours strangers acquaintances but come on lah, mind your own fucking business. Hello, I don't even know you, what makes you think that you have the RIGHT to poke into my financial business?


I wanna take a loan, I take lah. I wanna have a brick wall, I have lah.


Will you DIE or SUFFER if I do so? If yes, then let me know. If not...


That being said, the whole home renovation research thingamajig has been fun. Only the fucking kaypohchis pisses me off.

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Well, this is my Monday's Musings entry. Sorry for the long wall of text! I hope that you've enjoyed reading this Opinions are like assholes. Everyone has one ranting piece! Are there any other topics that you'll like to hear from me? Do comment and I'll muse about that ;)

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