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Paris was the final leg of #nadskaihoneymoon! We spent Day 17-21 there before we flew back to Singapore!

Paris was also the second most anticipated leg of our trip! We had booked a nice dinner at a Michelin Star Restaurant in Paris and well, I was going to redeem my honeymoon present from Skai aka c(hubby) in Chanel! WHEEEE! It'll be mainly a pictorial spam of Paris! Well, the sightseeing version, that is. The food version would be the next entry!

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I love February! Birthday, Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year. It's a month jam-packed with activities! Am leaving for Maldives this weekend too! Here's a photolog of my February!


Yes, I'm the Special for the Month! :p

Am such a sucker for new launches. Bought @ettusais_sg's Stay Up Foundation in Beige and many other stuff. Woo Hoo! #nadshops #chubbywillkaobeh

Am such a huge fan of Etude House. Bought their latest foundation!


Hello old Daniel Wellington watch. You have a new brother.

Thanks BFF @daintyflair for the birthday present again! Love it so much!

My birthday present from the BFF! <3


The kind folks from Imedeen sent me 12 weeks of Imedeen! Is it because I'm in my 30s?!?!?! 🙁

Woohoo! #happyparcelday! Thanks @nuffnangsg and @churpsg for the birthday gift!!!!

Thank you Nuffnang for the lovely dessert plates from Cath Kidson!

Wow. My #birthdaystaycation is bigger than our bridal suite during #nadskai1314!!!! #nadskaistaycation

Birthday staycation from the c(hubby)! We got a suite! Will blog about my Singapore Staycation soon!

Whee! New device from the c(hubby)! #Kindle #Paperwhite

New device from the c(hubby)! A Kindle!

The mothership and i. ????????????

Birthday leave means spending time with the people who matter. The Mothership brought me out for lunch!

LOL! Sashimi cake from #Teppei! Got pranked earlier and had wasabi in my creamed Edamame lololol!

Great experience at #teppei! And yes, we got photobombed (accidentally) by Teppei-san.

C(hubby) brought me to Teppei for my birthday dinner! I got a Sashimi birthday cake!

Whee! A lovely scented candle from the colleagues at work. Thank you!!! #happyparcelday #nadwork

Back at work, the colleagues got me a scented candle! I love receiving presents for my new home! Can't wait to decorate it when I get the keys!

Mini birthday cake from my suits! #nadwork #fatdienad

My suits got me a lovely choc cake! I insisted that they share it with me. Share the carbs!


Lunch with the colleagues! Pic koped from Alexis!

Miu Miu meets Brown and Cony.

Bought the Valentine's Day LINE Dolls!

512 1314 7374. Happy Valentine's Day!!! #nadskai

512 1314 7374. Happy Valentine's Day!

With @carriesim and @theiceangel at @themissingpan!

Food tasting with the girls!

Errrr... Oops? #nadshops

Bought way too much for Chinese New Year.

This week's #nadootd. (Not including days that I had forgotten to take pics). It's all about prints!

Hello new outfits.

#lohei with the family! With my side this time! Huat many many!

I love lohei.

Why so grumpy?

Grouchy cat got sterilised.

I've got the blues. Bling bling nails by!! Get your nails done by them now! Quote my name for discounts! FEP #03-131 67376723 FEP #03-141 67376723 BugisStreet L2 63384137 Bugis Cube #02-12 6337 6876 sms / whatsapp 83835395 #SponsoredPost

New nails for Maldives!

That's my February so far! How was yours? Can't wait to start March with a big bang! Europe was MY honeymoon and Maldives is Skai's honeymoon. LOL. More updates coming soon! 😉

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How was your Chinese New Year? Chinese New Year is a HUGE thing for #nadskai aka The Sims.


Purchasing hampers and delivering them to my sponsors.

Usually every year, I would pick out outfits for c(hubby) aka Skai. I would choose a theme, or well complimentary outfits.

Last year, it was red and pink. This year, although I had purchase my CNY outfits early, Skai bought his late. Or well, I bought his late. LOL. So... a simple to Bugis Village resolved that.

This year's theme is: White, Brown and Floral!


Super matching right!


Skai's outfit! Love that he is adventurous enough to try floral! He is usually clad in his usual t-shirts and denim jeans but he's pretty willing to try out new styles that I pick out for him. Well, almost everything LOL


Here's mine! With my love for off shoulder tops, it should come as no surprise that I wore an off shoulder top. LOL. I love this cutting so much that I bought it in 3 colours! White, Black and Blue! Paired it with a floral skorts (and yes, I have this in another colour LOL) with heels and my MCM bag!


Tadah! Our #CNYOOTD!

It's also our first year giving out angbaos. LOL.


Huat many many folks! What was your CNY outfit like? Do share!

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Chinese New Year is coming and it's THAT time of the year. I personally enjoy Chinese New Year very much!

Previously, I didn't celebrate Chinese New Year. Only started celebrating after I started dating Skai aka c(hubby). He has a huge family and it's really a joy celebrating Chinese New Year together!

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 9.52.14 pm

Here are some reasons why I love Chinese New Year.

1. The Reunion Dinner

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 9.21.49 pm

An excuse to feast. Why not? While some families may have steamboat at home (I LOVE STEAMBOAT!), Skai's family usually book a table in a Chinese Restaurant and we'll enjoy a good 8 course meal together!

2. Yusheng

First #lohei with the team! #nadwork

How can you not like Yusheng! (or Lohei as some may call it). The lovely vegetables with salmon and plum sauce! The whole process is extremely fun! While I may not know all of the sayings, I usually contribute by saying 'Tian Mi Mi'! or.. HUAT AH!

3. Gambling

Friends will know this. I gamble for fun at times. I love my Mahjong, Texas Hold'em Poker and also Black Jack! HUAT AH!

4. No work


HAHAHHAHAA. Public holidays, no work and can collect angbaos! Well, back then. Now... gotta give angbao liao. Boo.

5. The snacks


Welcome to calorie hell! Hello pineapple tarts, bakkwa and love letters! Licensed to snack!

What are your favourite moments for Chinese New Year? Do comment on this blog post!

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