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We like to party!

As some of you guys may know, I used to be quite the party animal. I enjoy partying, dancing and drinking. And while I have mellowed the last couple of years, I still party every now and then Two weekends ago, I checked out Stereolab for their 2nd Anniversary party! They recently had a revamp …

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Bf is so silly. I told him “I love u”, he replied “I love u”. I said “too!” (Meaning he shd have added too in his sentence”. He replied “5!”

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Mystery Makan: Box N Sticks

Remember the previous Mystery Makan sessions? If not, check out these entries here! Background info: I started the Mystery Makan sessions with the girls 😉 – My session at With A Pinch Of Salt – Jacelyn’s session at Nanjya Monjya – Esther’s session at Porn’s – Fidel’s session at Barracks – My session at Tea …

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Thought of the day.

Thought of the day: If we are no longer friends in real life, why are we still friends on FaceBook? What do you guys think? Do you delete friends off Facebook since you guys are no longer friends in real life?

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