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Outfit of the day: Pretty in Pink!

I had two events that day. One to the Kissjane Blogger’s event and afterwards to a yummy steamboat dinner with Chingchongboy, Jacelyn and Boss. I was wondering what to wear.. Do I dress up for the event but yet suffer from the heatwave from the steamboat or dress casually to the event.. Usually for blogger …

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Rainbow cupcakes by Shiberty’s Sweets!

[Plug] Was chatting with Jessica a few weeks ago and I ordered cupcakes from her shop Shiberty’s Sweets! Ordering with her was a breeze and I loved that she gave suggestions and feedback on what would go well with each other.  I requested for vanilla batter and butterscotch frosting with a rainbow design! Check out …

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Beauty Tips Tutorials/DIY

Pucker up. Taking care of your lips!

Tips on how to achieve that sexy pouty lips! (Photo credit: Colin Tan) We all aim to have kissable lips, no ones likes peeling, dry lips. Here are some simple and easy tips on how to get the lovely sweet and smooth lips and most importantly, healthy looking lips. Say goodbye to dry, chapped and …

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