Pictures Yours truly...

This is how my desk looks like.

Friends were asking about my desk and I thought pictures would be best to show you guys how my desk looks like! Background info: Some of you guys may not know this but I’m back where I used to work! In the gaming company. Here, we are not restricted to boring desks and what nots, …

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My new hair colour!

Remember my previous hair post? I dyed it again! Milly’s kindly offered to dye my hair at her new salon! I decided to dye it reddish brown, didn’t want to bleach my hair and wanted something natural 🙂 Some pictures of her new salon! More pics under the cut!

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Yet another ccb moment.

We were in Melaka window shopping when I stumbled onto F Cup Cookies in one of the shops. Me: Hey! Look at this! F Cup Cookies! Ccb: *not interested expression* Me: *mumbling to myself* should i buy? Ccb: Unless it’s A Cup Cookies, you don’t need them. Me: Eh? Why leh! (Seriously not fishing for …

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