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I've been trying to lose weight as I've gained a considerable amount of weight ever since I started dating ching chong boy.

So I told myself to cut down on carbs (not rule out) since I was a carbs monster. The mothership had dapao-ed some yummy lunch for me to bring to work and I finished all the rice to my horror.

I bbm-ed ching chong boy "Finished my rice. Fat" and he responded "Good. I like to hug."

TMD. Is this why he's been bringing me go supper and all?!?!!


If you look to your right, you'll realise that there's a giveaways column now!

I'll be doing giveaways as and when I have stuff to give away. If you'll like those, all you'll have to do is: (You can do one or all, if you like. All will increase your chances)

1) Follow me on Facebook. (search for nadnut!) and comment: I want XXX!

2) Follow me on Twitter and tweet "I want XXX #nadnutgiveaways" (must include the hashtag. You can @nadnut if you like)

3) Post a short blog (if you have a blog) stating you want the item and remember to link back to me!

I would then choose one of you to win that prize! And brands, if you'll like me to giveaway a product, please feel free to contact me here!

My first giveaway will happen reallly soon! Ladies, remember to check back!

Sorry guys,  gadgets will happen soon! I promise!


I like having lots of activities during the weekends so that I'll feel that I have optimised my weekends. (Usually jampack everything in one day and nua the other)

Here's an example of how I spent one of my Saturdays.

I met the girls with ching chong boy for lunch at Sakae Sushi.

Starmist and Airpork

Silly Airpork and I have almost the same taste. Kinda reminded me of an ex best friend where we ordered the exact food, down to every single detail during out first dinner together.

(loaded with pics. Click more to well, read more!)

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