Monthly Archives: May 2008


Somebody just asked me to follow him to a colleague's dad's funeral during lunch time. The thing is I'm wearing BRIGHT FUCKING PINK and it's a buddhist funeral.

So I told him I don't wanna go because of the colour I'm wearing. Later he shot back at me saying if I don't wanna go just say I don't wanna go and don't come out with excuses about the colour I'm wearing.

So I shot back at him that I don't wanna go BECAUSE I'm not comfortable going to a funeral in the colour of clothes I'm wearing.

Am I wrong to saying so? Is there a need to almost FORCE someone to go? Seriously only IDIOTS would wear BRIGHT COLOURS to funerals. Even if it's all about 'the thought that counts', it's all about respect too.

If some people had BOTHERED to tell me EARLIER, I would have came in the correct colours.

Whatever man.

add: not only was I wearing bright pink, I also had bright pink nail polish on. I did some thinking after this incident and decided I shall make some changes. I don't see any reason in being unhappy with such people and I rather spend the time doing things I like instead of stupid things. Updates soon.