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Yours truly was at the finals of MSU at Marriott Hotel yesterday. I found the whole experience, rather "interesting".

Some "highlights" of the event.

- The rather ah beng MC was cracking lame jokes the whole time. His co-host was more fluent than him. Couldn't they have chosen a better male emcee? Maybe they wanted to showcase the Singapore "flavour"?

- The rather pathetic dinner servings. We all know that the contestants are rather slim and slender. Is Marriott trying to make us as slim as them by cutting down on our portions?

- The super lame games. We ALL know it's more for the purpose of dragging time. Why not play some music instead? Our ah beng emcee made us divide into teams and to "score points" for our respective teams (called 'winners' and 'champions') inwhich some rather "interesting" individuals showcased their rather interesting talents. B cups and all. Oh btw, the points weren't used for anything after that!

- The peacock dance by one finalist during the evening gown segment. Why did she raise her hands and did some weird movement during the walk?!

- Some supporters of the actual winner was rather rude. When one of the finalists was asked 'what is the most important thing that others value which she values the least?', some of them shouted 'virginity'. We all know the winner (or the bf or the family or whatever) bought 4 tables (worth $5k each, OMGWTFBBQ!) and that they'll be cheering the loudest for her but need they be so crude to the other contestants?

- The "auction" to raise funds for some charity organisation which I can't remember was held after the 8 finalists were revealed. If you wanna get more funds, hold the bloody auction earlier lah!

- A few cringeworthy answers from the Q&A section. The winner was asked if she would be an animal, what animal would she be and why. She chose a pet dog. Erm WHY?! Female dog = bitch. Seriously, she could have chosen a much better answer.

- Another finalist said that her biggest aspiration was to be an air stewardess. Erm ok. Even world peace (be an ambassador to promote world peace la!) would have been a better answer.

- Another finalist when asked what would she ask God when she meets him said she'll ask him how long more she has to live. HELLO! First of all, you MIGHT be dead when you meet him. If you happened to meet him when you're still alive, couldn't you ask other questions? Like about the world?

- They dragged the whole programme so long that the finalists were only released at 1am!

- The winner won 2 other titles. A bit the unfair right?

- Oh btw, the winner has won 3 international titles before. (Miss SG Asia-Pacific, Miss SG International and Miss SG World) Seriously, it's such a shoo-in lah. I think future pageants should not accept current title holders of any international pageants. It makes it more "fair" that way. As someone mentioned "she went to represent SG in international grounds before but had never won before, what makes them think that this year will make any difference?"

Ok, there are more cringeworthy moments but I only got home at 2ish and slept at 3am so my head is spinning at the moment. I'll share more later!

I need red bull.


Let me tell you all about the namecards fiasco.

It all started at the LG KS20 event. I was invited as a blogger for the event then. At the reception table, one of Fleishman Hillard's guys asked me for my namecard. As some of you guys know, I'm pretty anal about revealing where I work and I do not think it's right for me to give my work namecard. Afterall the nadnut on the blog is different from the Nadia at work. There should be two different identities. ANYWAY, back to the story... I then told him that I do not have a namecard. He then passed me HIS namecard and asked me to write my name and number. This was for the lucky draw happening later.

Do you know how paiseh it was? Well, it felt that way for me. To scribble my particulars on someone else's namecard. BAH.

After the event, I then decided I was going to print namecards and I wanted them done way before I traveled for my Australia trip. I then searched for a place to print namecards when I stumbled onto Claudia's entry. I thought it was damn cheap. I was willing to pay up to 100 bucks (yes, i know. to buy "pride").

I then enlisted the help of my buddy who is a fantastic designer (I wanted to ask Jayden but he was so busy doing his FYP that I decided not to disturb him :P) and gave him a few specifications. I did not want the typical business namecard. I wanted something fun and uniquely me.

And here's the outcome!

Rainbow and clouds. Uniquely me. I chose the titles because I wanted something fun thus the camwhore enthusiast. (Obviously I omitted the hp number here. :P) If you're wondering about the vodkaster bit, yes, it was intentionally spelt that way. Go think about it. 😛

The lines in the background actually spells out nadnut. Heh! And that little cartoon girl is me! He drew me! Heh. I know i know, I'm not THAT cute but the fringe is definitely so me! :X

And he even did a little logo for me!

So cute right?!

Thank you Gerald! If you need someone to help you design stuff, you can contact him! He charges quite reasonably. 🙂

I then went down to Tommy Print. I paid 30 bucks for 3 boxes. (300 namecards) And the quality was good. I had opted for matt lamination but now come to think of it, maybe I should have gone for gloss lamination to bring out the bright colours.

Well, I'm left with 2 boxes now, maybe the next batch would be gloss lami!

Thanks Gerald for the designs and thanks to Claudia for the review AND thanks to Rinaz! For after I've seen her post, I've realised I haven't blogged about my namecards though they were printed like 2 months ago? Oops. RINAZ! I want one of your namecards. They're so chio! I like her cartoon characters! Cute!