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Jayden & nadnut = Brother & Sister or Dating Couple?

This is amazing! The amount of stuff I’ve heard about what people say about Jayden and me, from siblings to couple to scandal! LOL!

As some of you guys have noticed, Jayden and I have hit off quite well and we’re usually seen together in most events.

During the trip to KL with the Nuffnangers, all of the SPI-ders had thought that Jayden and I are brother and sister. As in REAL brother and sisters. People say we look alike (and apparently have the same features), dress somewhat alike and we even have the same hair colour!

And then, there were those who thought that Jayden and I are dating! Omgwtfbbq! (or did they think I was dating him after this advertorial?)


Erm, I’m not a paedophile and Jayden is much younger than me! (And I’m much fatter than him. I can’t stand my guys wayyyyyyy skinnier than me!) And we’re both happily attached. Unfortunately I’m attracted to nerds/moobs and not cute guys. Oh well. 🙁

Photogenic aren’t we?

Maybe not. 😛


On another note, have you seen this?

Ooooooh baby! Something interesting is happening soon! I can’t wait!

15 thoughts on “Jayden & nadnut = Brother & Sister or Dating Couple?”

  1. HAHA! I’m just wondering how come you will go to my blog!

    Hmmm, the person who was in-charge of the event didn’t organise! LAZY main-comm, or rather, still learning. HAHA! I’ll remind the next coming batch!


  2. Kok Guan!!! HAHA he was too busy, I guess, didn’t complete all his projects!

    Actually, I don’t know what is, I just click UPDATE! HAHAHA!!!

    And you reply really fast!!!


  3. I’ll try my best and ask the new batch to do it! 🙂 I’m an ex-main comm alr! So, perhaps I want an alumni day too! Cya around!


  4. oh man, missed u at the second SMB. Woke up flu-ing and decided best not to come and pass it around! Hope it was fun. Haven’t seen u since botak jones, oh my. 🙂


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