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2 weeks ago, a kind gentleman by the nickname of litford invited me for this event called 'The Open Room'. Initially I wasn't very keen on going for the event was supposed to start at 5pm and supposed to end at 7pm. (As yours truly is working, the earliest I could reach the event is 6ish?)

But Brian (that's his real name!) seduced me with the offer of Red Bull.

How can one say no to that?!?! He's such a cunning fella!

So I rushed off from work and finally managed to reach the event at late 6ish. (and sweaty like mad after all that running. Pr events that are catered to the bloggers should start after 7pm! Most of us are working. Speaking of which, I've just received an invite for another event but it starts in the afternoon! I wanna go but I gotta take leave! Argh!)

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I've gained a lot of weight since my Aussie trip and I've been feeling a bit bloated these days. I'm actually thinking of taking up a gym membership but since yours truly is quite broke at the moment, I decided to just cut down on my intake of food.

Which did not work cause I'm such a big glutton. So I was surfing around and taking a look at all the types of diets. Detoxs? No money leh. I can't buy anything at the moment.

Then I stumbled onto this, Low Carb Diets which definitely makes sense. I eat a lot of carbs everyday, rice + potato dish + tofu + meat afterwhich followed by french fries or some other snacks. Since I don't exercise, all those carbs are converted to body fat!


What's Involved in Low Carb Diet?

A cut on all carbohydrate from the diet and increased protein and fat intake. Cut on things like pasta, bread, rice and alcohol, yet unlimited amounts of meat, cheese and butter are suggested to eat. That's why sometimes Low Carb Diets claim to be luxurious diets.

This sounds like a reasonable diet plan. I won't stop eating! I'll just start eating "smarter". Less carbs! Then I won't need to starve. HEH!

I was checking out the low carb recipes, and the recipes actually sounds quite good. Surprisingly! And apparently they have about 300 recipes?! o.O it's a pity i can't cook but i won't mind if others cook for me! heh!

There's actually low carb shepherd pies (hehehe, xt dearie, me want!), low carb chicken balsamic vinegar sauce (which reminds me, i need to buy some balsamic vinegar) and low carb asian crock pot steak! (steak! <3)

I'm gonna try this low carb approach these few weeks. Hopefully school and work would have quieten down soon and I'll have some free time (and hopefully some money then) and I'll be able to go to the gym (or yoga. I haven't decided!)

Heh, anyone wants to join me for that gym or yoga membership? 😀


I did (and completed. woo hoo!) and I totally love this comic.

Penny Arcade, one of my 3 favourite webcomics.

And oh btw, Unexpected Australia is featured on The Sunday Times (today lah dey!), page 13 of Lifestyle. Huge ass pic of Jen jen, Petrina and I and they spelled my name wrongly. Why am I not surprised? They spelt my name wrongly on the itinerary, during the check-in at hotels, the sign that the pick up was holding and now in the papers. Brrr. You would have thought that they would have gotten it correct in the end but noooooo, it's still wrong. *miffed*

Surprisingly the previous few articles in the papers had my name spelled correctly. That's it, I shall never give out my full name again. I shall give it as just Nadia. That's it. If they can't spell it correctly, why bother? My dad saw the papers and said: "They spelt it wrongly! Sue them!". LOL.

Ok, back to the horrible academic journals. I'm only just reading them! I haven't even started analysing anything or even started the damn assignment. Zzz. AFK!