Running out of time.

3 of my favourite watches (all given as birthday presents! lol) have stopped today. Oops. Maybe I’m really running out of time. Jayden remarked that if I’m only posting about Christmas Eve now, I’ll probably post about 2008 in 2009! bleah!

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Announcements Yours truly...

No, I’m not dead.

Just that, I’m currently recovering from a bout of stomach flu and thus am a bit weak and tired to do anything right now. And no, I AM NOT GONNA PLAY WOW. stupid tiger! and NO! I don’t want to be a gnome!!! even if i decide to play WOW, I wanna be TALL in …

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Love Tech

What would nadnut be in WoW?

Oh hai! Since she’s away, I’ve popped in for a guest entry. As you may know, nadnut has decided over here to kill me if I got her WoW…but what if…she was a WoW toon? Vote for your favourite form of nadnut and win fabulous prizes of nothing! Win trips to nowhere! Vote now! Each …

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