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Christmas Eve at The Prime Society

Christmas Eve was spent at The Prime Society. If you’re heading to Demsey, PLEASE drive or take a cab.

Outfit of the day. I absolutely adore this dress but tiger detests this. That was the very last time i wore those heels. They nearly cut off my blood circulation. Argh.


The Christmas Menu!

Interesting “Placemats”.

Mine showed the different parts of the fish while tiger’s showed one of a brocolli if I remembered correctly.

My very delish soup of the day. If I remembered correctly, it was cream of potato with bacon. I LOVE IT!

Check out the interesting coasters… Nice!

Camwhore a bit, can?

Tiger had the King Fish Carpaccio with Lemon and Pepper Oil. In tiger’s words : It’s almost non-existent!

I had the Salt and Pepper Squid with Lime Aioli. Erm, Calamari anyone? (Ok lah, it’s not bad.)

We both had the Australian Char Grilled Rib Eye with Truffle Jus and Roasted Vegetables. Not bad but it wasn’t bloody enough for me.

Tiger’s very nice Cassata Icecream with Chestnut Praline. Very delish. I like this a lot!

My order of Traditional Christmas Pudding with Brandy Custard. I didn’t really like it.

I totally forgot that I hated fruitcake.

Sad to say, I felt that The Prime Society was definitely overrated. The ambience was definitely lovely and the service was top-notch. But the food was lacking. Despite reviews about The Prime Society being great and all, I found it lacking. The steak wasn’t as juicy as compared to the one I had at Botak Jones nor was the soup and “calamari” justifiable for the price I was paying.

But if you’re paying for the ambience and don’t give two hoots about the food, be my guest. But please drive. Tiger and I couldn’t find a cab after the dinner and I nearly broke my leg (partly because of the shoes, tmd!) and we had to walk a far distance and finally got a bus.

Erm, how romantic. LOL. After allll the food that I’m currently enjoying, I NEED to start exercising. I should be heading to the gym this or next week. Any kakis?

nadnut’s rating on ambience, food, service and value for money:

If you’ll like to check out the place, here’s the details:

The Prime Society
10, Demsey Road #01-20
(t) 6474 7427
(f) 6474 7428

6 thoughts on “Christmas Eve at The Prime Society”

  1. I don’t think it is fair to judge a restaurant by their christmas and/or valentine set menus.

    These are often than not pre-prepared mass manufactured cuisine in anticipation of a crazy crowd that day.

    This is standard practice among the restaurants and more often than not, they get away with sub-par performance as the dining folks have other distractions.

    Try them again on a normal day. It would be a more accurate assessment. Do tell them about your dissatisfaction over this last trip. Who knows? They may make it up to you with something special. Win-win.


  2. jaywalk – IMO that if you are not able to serve standard food on crowded days, don’t. Just because there is a chance to make money doesn’t mean you should sacrifice your standards. I rather pay even a bit more to have a place not packed to the max with fantastic food.
    usually special occasions mean food prepared with special occasions, and hence the higher in pricing. Or the more, “tax” the customer for the demand – like how some restaurants have a weekend tax of 5 to 10 bucks – totally alright if the customer was informed.
    Limited menus allow for mass production but that should also mean you are concentrating on a smaller group of dishes. Doing 1 dish 10 times more should mean you should know how perfection is, ain’t it? =)


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