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As everyone knows, I totally adore Australia. Infact I have spent a one week study trip in Perth last year. Even though it had cost a bomb, I LOVED the experience. The only thing that I have regretted was the fact that I did not manage to spend more time exploring Perth or even to go up to the other states.

I was just lamenting to my friends recently that I was missing Australia terribly. Imagine my surprise when I stumbled onto the Unexpected Australia contest! This was definitely a contest that I will kill myself for missing it! I even have my very own campaign manager helping me with this contest! Woot! Thanks Jen jen!

Why do I think I should win it?! Here's why! (Please watch the tvc 'So Where The Bloody Hell Are You' first.)

Credits to YouTube.

They've already bought me a beer! We shouldn't waste it yeah? Aside from that glass of beer, I intend to enjoy Australia's finest wines. Do you know that wine in Australia is classified as New World Wines?

The wine in Australia is so affordable! If I do win the contest, I'm going bring Jen jen to try out Australia's wines and perhaps if we do have the time, to check out their vineyards!

Let's not waste their efforts shall we? The poor camels have had a shampoo and if camels "likes" baths as I know my cats do, I'm pretty sure it must have been a very traumatizing experience for them. So let's not waste their efforts! It would be a great photo and blog entry! Think about it! If only I'll have the chance to ride the camels, explore the deserts and even go sandboarding! And check out their shampooed smell of course!

Even though I've been to Australia twice, to Perth and Brisbane, I have NEVER had the chance to take a dip! How in blazes am I able to go swimming when it's winter the last two times I went there? No fair! I want to be able to take a dip in the lovely blue sea but I was totally covered with winter jackets, boots and scarfs! No fair! All I wanted then was to have a good swim! Their beaches are breathtaking. After Australia, I have never looked at our beaches the same way again (because they are so awesomeeee!)

The poor roos! They've been shooed off the greens for me! I really can't disappoint them right? Speaking about Kangaroos, I had a great experience feeding them at the Wildlife Park I visited back in Perth. 🙂 (And they don't bite, unlike some stupid monkeys...)

I REALLY have to win this trip! It would be a great experience and tons of fun! Since everything is planned out for me, I'll be able to experience all the fun and good times with the Radio DJs from Radio 91.3FM. I haven't seen Rod since my emco's days and I seriously miss him! It would definitely be fun travelling with them. 🙂

FOOD! As you guys know, I ADORE, LOVE and WORSHIP food! The last time I was in Perth, I couldn't get over the fact at how cheap and fresh the seafood were!

Since everything has been prepared beforehand for me, then why the bloody hell am I still here?! Come on! Bring me there already!


i'll crush him like a cockroach.

it's amazing how many people hate bugs too. those pesky little cockroaches! they seem to think they're oh so wanted and they irritate people every damn day.

all we wanna do is to get a big can of pesticide and spray at the bug.

i can't find the can of pesticide so i'm going to another place without bugs. this bug is just too irritating for me. 🙂 but hey, before i go, if it wants to play games, so be it. 🙂

i have nothing to lose.

more tales soon!


wow, looks like we have an influx of unwanted visitors these days. what you have read in the previous entry, is common knowledge. at least i for once, dare to talk back to others instead of acting like a smiley fool infront of you and telling others otherwise. 🙂

goodbye and good riddance.

i love statcounters. 🙂


I have never seen anyone like him. Such an idiot, such an asshat and such a fucktard. People who don't EVER replies emails should not demand for emails to be sent to them.

And I am NOT a fucking dog who has to come over to people who fucking wave their hands at me.

What's the big deal? People who CAN'T be bothered to give such a simple thing like specs and spends HOURS doing their claims. People who scribbles on papers and chucks it to you and expect you to read his illegible handwriting instead of sending an EMAIL to you.


People like him should just perish and die.

Postnote: I shall start a series of entries on this creative "bug". Look out for it! Tales of the idiot.