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Remember this? My classmates and I prepared a short skit for our Entrepreneurship presentation quite some time ago and yours truly was in love with Achmed! I started goofing around and filmed two silly Achmed Nadchmed videos! Here’s one! Yes, I’ll kill you Tiger! and here’s part two! Just hamming around. 🙂 Wait till I …

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nadnut dumps tiger over WOW.

I was reading this article that Nic had kindly forwarded to me. Basically its about an ex-employee (from blizzard wor!) who had enough of her husband’s addiction of WOW (sounds familiar?) that she decided that she had enough of his nonsense. click here to read the article. This sounds familiar! But if i would to …

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Join me @ Qassia!

Nic introduced this lovely site to me which i quote in his words “which is part social networking, part Wikipedia, part web directory.” It’s definitely most interesting for every intel (or tidbit or nugget of information as i would like to call it) you post provides a linkback to your blog which inturn increases your …

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