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a very camera friendly day.

had a tummy upset on saturday (i blame the otah. but then, i had 12 of them. erm. ok. my fault.) and spent the day at home feeling like shit. *pun intended* wanted to go wala but the tummy was horrible. in the end, got bullied by the parentals. 🙁

thank god, i was feeling better the next day. since it was my anni with tiger, we spent the day together in town. i think im getting old. i find going out to town on a weekend a total nightmare. the horrid crowd! jostling and all. grrr.

we caught a movie, 200 pounds beauty and i love it! i think im an emo wreck sometimes. cant believe that i teared during the movie. -_-"

aside from the movie, i did some shopping. $$$. spent a lot at MAC and zara. every month, i'll buy 2 items from MAC. one day, im gonna convert all my makeup to MAC. woo hoo! anyway, spent too much this week. broke!

i brought tiger to shaslik (pics and review will be in another entry, i splitted this entry into 2 because of the review. lol) and i think he really liked the place. 🙂 and i managed to try the lovely redbull sorbet! woot! pics galore. im such a camwhore. tsk tsk.

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this is what happens when you study while you eat.

don't know why but i feel very amused at that pic. lol.

eyeshadow of the day. mac pigments rock!

lovely cupcake that eileen aka dory gave. yummy! thanks sweets!

camwhoring. lol. i desperately need a haircut. how shall i damage my hair this time? hmmm. bored with the pink/blonde look le. now i see others doing it, i wanna do something different. yawns.

i see so many bloggers asking for stuff on their blog and they get it. wat the heowwwwww. i also want.

to my fairy godmother/father, can i have a new lappie pls? or unlimited free hairdressing services? or free clothes? :P. ok, shall stop daydreaming.

i wanna go shopping but it seems like there's no time to do so! 🙁


emo me strikes again. pls skip this if you cant stand the whining/complaining post.

whatever possessed me to think that i can handle studying part time while working full time? deadlines, assignments, tests and all. it suddenly strucked me that i only have a full month holidays for the whole year and the rest of the 48 weeks will be me chasing deadlines, exams, projects and all.

its just the 2nd semester but i feel tired. im too tired to concentrate fully in class after a whole day at work. intensive weekends (classes from 2pm - 9pm on saturdays and 10am - 5pm on sundays) sucks the life out of me. leave taken for chasing deadlines, exams and all.

i feel so bad to neglect tiger these few weeks. the only time i met him was for phantom and i went back home right after that. and this week will be another busy week.

no wonder most of my friends are studying full time and working part time.

anyway the crazy weeks are over. for now. the killer individual assignment for market research is over and done with. presentation for asian management seminar is over today.

that leaves focus groups, one on one interview, surveys, spss idiotic software, and the killer 60 - 80 page report for market research to be handed up in 5 weeks time.

another research and presentation for asian management seminar in 3.5 weeks time.

another killer report for asian management seminar in 5 weeks time.

killer intensive week on 5 & 6th may. (sat = 2pm - 9pm, sun = 10am - 5pm)

so much to do. so much to do. so much to do. all these with a full time job. can i do it? i better do it. its make it or break it.

argh. *reminds self: i have 2 yrs of this to go thru*. JIA YOU! I WILL DO IT! (or die trying)


this meme has been making its rounds in livejournals.. time to steal it and bring it to blogspots/wordpress!


We all have things about our friends that make us slightly envious. Not in a bad way, but in a 'Wow! I wish I had that person's boobs/eyes/money/relationship/nose hairs/whatever.' So tell me what about me makes you envy me. . . then post this in your LJ blog and see what makes me envious of you.