Monthly Archives: February 2005


wow. im amazed...

lol. jireh called me from sydney today... at a cost of $0.50 per minute 80 cents per min + 55c connection charge.

i'm honoured...


Random Facts about nad

- I'm thinking of taking up either salsa, hiphop, yoga or gym.
- I spend more than i earn.
- I have cats since i was 7.
- I think i am the shortest 21 year old girl alive, im below 145cm... -_-"
- I have climbed 2 mountains.
- I have a super big fetish for techy items.
- I like guys who can sing, who plays musical items, who are shy, who blush and cute!
- I can fit into a mini-fridge
- I have always wanted to work in Zouk or Radio.
- I totally suck at Solitare Showdown. Aloy, Bene and Eddie has thrashed my ass countless of times. and yes eddie, i DO NOT want a spanking. -_-"
- I love zouk. maybe cause im a member? hahaha. stingy stingy!
- I have been dead drunk twice in my life and am itching for a third.
- I have no armpit hair. LOL.
- I get emotional during PMS. the slightest things set me off.
- I have got stage fright.
- I'm a sucker for guys who stare at my eyes... lol. though i will avoid their gaze. shy lah!
- I have not exercised since year one. LOL.
- I have a very very very bad memory. sorry, what were u saying??
- I have over 50 pairs of earrings.
- I LOVE adam sandler. he totally rawks!
- I love guys with goatees.
- I got weird nicknames for the guys im with. for instance aloy is : sillyboi, lazydeer, moomoodear... 😀
- I named my cat CHICKEN LEG.
- My mum likes to steal my stuff! (she uses me stuff!)
- I find people who keeps on correcting things i said such as grammar or wrong words such as much and many, VERY FUCKING IRRITATING. do u need to correct all the time? its juz casual talk. BLOODY HELL.
- I miss aloy aloy aloy aloy aloy aloy aloy aloy and aloy.

hahahaa. tats abt it! 😀



friday i went to fish and co wiv jen, nix and kenny! lotsa cuckoo pics! 😀

pics galore!

first up. we decided to act cute while drinking... choose ur favourite!

contestant number 1!

miss i-love-prawns jen jen!

contestant number 2!

mr i-dun-wanna-buy-new-shirts nixon!

contestant number 3!

miss where-is-the-damn-garlic-butter-sauce nadia!

contestant number 4!

mr i-make-lame-jokes-all-the-time kenny!

vote for ur favourite please!


we decided to get 2 seafood platter for 2! hahaha. yum yum...

the seafood platter for 2!

TWO seafood platters for 2!

after we ravaged the food... note: the empty one is shared by me and kenny and de other is by jenny and nixon. lol..

i had to eat faster coz kenny was eating so fast. later no more! hahahahaha..

i tink we (meaning ME) annoyed the waiters there coz i kept on asking for more garlic butter sauce... yum yum!

now, pics of us!

the babes!

the 'hunks'

the sweet couple!

behind de scenes look. LOL...

lol. gals bully de guys! 😀

went off for a movie 'closer' after tat wiv kenny and priscilla. nice movie. *fuck u*

hahaha. the show has so many *fuck u* inside. lol.

nice day 🙂


had organised a picnic for some bsc peeps..

i did de most bimbotic thing in my life...

i brought my camera but left de batteries at home... coz was charging de batteries de nite b4 and was so bz... had onlie 4 hours of sleep and i had to get out early in de morning.... rush rush rush and then forgot abt de batteries...

thus no pics... boo...

coz no one else brought camera... *gives evil look to selena and kenny*


we played brigde and black jack and gambled wiv chocolates and sweets... lol..

i love having picnics like de last time de one wiv dear miss chong-ah! hahaha.

who turned up? mira, kenny, miss chong-ah!, malina, ling and me... shen and sweet geraldine came much later and mr i-was-stucked-in-a-looooong-meeting-coz-of-bushfires came VERY late. lol.

adjourned to mahjong at shen's place...

however, i was surfing de net and sleeping... hahaha. didnt even played one game!

when i woke up, everyone wanted to leave...

booo... *grumbles*

hahaha. enjpyed myself... juz having casual chats wiv de peeps...

now, looking forward to chijmes outing. *looks at miss chong-ah!*


today shall rot at home.. onlie woke up at 1pm. im such a pig...


am loving my new layout look right now!

design done by eddie (yes de mat one)...

editing of html done by me 😀 (of coz, with help from de html done by huda)....

nice? hahaha. thanks eddie for a great job!

here's de original pic!

me and miss coconut!

and here's a pic i drew for mat! our very own firefighter!

its a pic of him fighting fire! 😀


seriously why should i bother?

when u dun even bother?

it seems like i msn, email and blog all de time...

and he neva bothers. im busy too, yet i still bother... call me petty or wat... i dun care...

so why bother?

like having 2 seconds to say something is so hard... and having 5 mins to blog is so hard.

i wun bother. if u bother, then so be it. if not, i knoe where i stand.

will it kill u to drop a few words at our blog or email me when ur free?

u said u dun reallie blog.

whose de one who started blogging?

u can blog at ur own blog but u cant even drop a few words.

i seriously do not knoe watcha doing.

u didnt want de webcam or de prepaid card.

u dun even seem to bother...

i got feelings too ok. all im asking from u is a few mins. is tat so hard?

u knoe tat a few msgs and emails from u reallie makes my day...

as i said today. i wun msn/email/blog till u show some effort.

if not...

i knoe where i stand.

wanna change my layout. help anyone?