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oooh. he was sooooooooooooo good!

he made me laugh so much… i always pictured him as this serious sexy and powerful man…. but he had such a humorous side…

who cares about the ex anymore?

i’m in love! (and lust!)

and just who am i talking about?

MICHAEL (oh, he so turns me on) BUBLE!

just came back from his (one night only) concert..

i didnt regret a single bit! he sang sooooo many songs and even sang opera, the ‘milkshake’ song, michael jackson’s ‘billie jean’ (typo?), maroon 5’s ‘this love’, a song from ray charles and charlie chaplin and a line or two from ‘i had a bad day’ and ‘you’re beautiful’

he sang most of the songs from his album…

i came back with his cd and poster and looking like a besotted school kid.

his voice! his stage presence! his so charismatic!

ok. i’m in love.

love his songs… though some songs remind me of a certain someone…

anyway who cares about him when i got MICHAEL?!?!?!

tmd. why am i acting like those secondary school kids that hang outside MediaCorp just to see their favourite stars?

now now. dont slam my choice of crushes ok? to each his/her own… if u dont like him, too bad then. i dont need to know that. =)

so darling, save the last dance for me…

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  1. Hmm… makes me wonder if you wrote his name on the lamp posts with correction fluid.

    Or start practicing your “Nad Bublé” signature…..

    p.s. If you wanna be a Bublé, at least get your last name right! It’s a “é”. 😛


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