money issues… HELP! so broke, tis is wat is spent after payday (26th Nov)

money in:
money out:
$10.00 (to ken for taxi fare)
$10.00 (to zann for taxi fare)
$10.00 (to angie for mingli’s bdae prezzie)
$3.00 (lunch-chicken rice)
$1.50 (lunch-redbull)
$10.00 (3 pairs of earrings) , k la k la. shouldnt have spent! 🙁
$22.00 (dinner wiv NG @ fish&co)
$10.00 (to pearl for lydia’s bdae prezzie, still havent pass pearl another $3.50)
$10.00 (top up ezylink)
$150.00 (paid off some debts, $100 more to go! next month la)
$3.10 (bought BIG packet of tissue and chocs @ watson)
$42.00 (treated dear @ sum classy place, cant remember name for 4 months anni! )
$14.24 (took cab plus surcharge as not feeling well)
$4.00 (breakfast -soon kueh)
$2.00 (lunch – yong tao hoo)
$2.40 (lunch – redbull and 3 packets of tissue)
$13.00 (eyebrow trimming)
$10.00 (haircut)
$10.00 (misc incase neva write down)

grand total: $337.24!!!!!!!!!!! i spent tat amount in 5 days!!!! die! i’m left $162.76 till end of the month! *pengz*… die liaoz… juz to let u guys noe, i accept all donations… die….. and tat would leave me very lil till the end of the month……….. die!

bankrupt -.- ,

money problems…. damn… why why? why arent i’m born rich?!?

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